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  • Black Belt Results

    Posted on 26/11/18

    I am delighted to inform you the as a result of yesterday's Black belt grading the following students have passed.
    Myier Baggott - 1st Degree
    Amy Whettingsteel - 1st Degree
    Kieran Swaine - 1st Degree
    Munn Ajgaonkar - 2nd Degree

  • Grading News

    Posted on 05/10/18

    Colour belt pregrading - Friday, 9th November 2018
    Colour belt grading - Friday 23rd November 2018
    Black belt grading - Sunday 25th November 2018

  • Grading Results

    Posted on 23/03/18

    Results from the grading held on the 23rd of March will be given out at your next lesson. Well done to all who took part.

  • Basingstoke SMA Tournament

    Posted on 17/03/18

    Fantastic result for Alex, there are so many VMA students capable of competing and winning. You should look to Alex as a great example.

  • Pre-grading

    Posted on 05/03/18

    The Whiteley class will finish at 5.30 on Friday to give everyone an hour to get to itchen college sports hall. Full white doboks to be worn. You can leave when your pregrading has finished

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