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International Inclusive Taekwon-Do

Vanguard Martial Arts is proud to be a member of International Inclusive Taekwon-Do Association.

At Vanguard we appreciate that students don't all follow the same path to their goal in Taekwon-Do. Physical and mental disabilites may require a different approach to teaching, something we are trained in as an inclusive training school. Whilst every student may not perform exatly the same we encourange students to try their best and then offer guidance and support to develop their skills further.

Taekwon-Do offers many benefits to it's students with disabilites. Our tehniques can help to improve muscular co-ordination and strength, concentration and focus. We offer the chance for students to be judged on their own merits and reward their achievements.
International Inclusive Taekwon-Do Association
Ian Fear - IITA Lifetime Memeber
 Vanguard Martial Arts