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  • 2019 Classes

    Posted on 06/01/19

    Classes will resume the usual schedule from Monday 8th January.

  • Grading News

    Posted on 13/10/18

    Colour belt pregrading: 09/11/2018
    Colour belt grading: 23/11/2018
    Black belt grading: 25/11/2018

  • Grading Results

    Posted on 23/03/18

    Results from the grading held on the 23rd of March will be given out at your next lesson. Well done to all who took part.

  • Pre-grading

    Posted on 05/03/18

    The Whiteley class will finish at 5.30 on Friday to give everyone an hour to get to itchen college sports hall. Full white doboks to be worn. You can leave when your pregrading has finished

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